About Us

SLI was founded in 2006 as a non-profit medical research institute by Georges St.Laurent, Jr., an original Board member of the Celera Human Genome Project. Our global research activities include scientific resources in India, Russia, Amazonia, and the United States.  Headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, SLI conducts research in a number of locations. Washington D.C. houses a collaborative project with The George Washington University. Our high throughput genomics pipeline is based in Cambridge, MA. And our Bioinformatics and Systems Biology team operates out of Novosibirsk; Russia. SLI has conducted research collaborations with a number of investigators at institutions around the Untied States, including Claes Wahlestedt at Scripps Institute Florida in West Palm Beach. These research projects entail novel molecular mechanisms of human physiology, quantitative molecular diagnostics, and multi-target treatment systems. Internationally, SLI has several projects including a longstanding program in the Molecular Mechanisms of Homotoxicology in collaboration with the German Duque Foundation, a close associate of Hans Heinrich Reckeweg, and another program in South America.